THREEDOWN: Only The Strongest Survive.

Lately I have been surfing the internet looking for new brands of clothes to buy. I have searched through the facebook pages and found lots of good brands with good designs, but 1 brand really catch my attention. A brand under the urban community. Their shirt designs are just plainly awesome. I fell in love instantly because it reminds me of the shirt designs I have seen in tumblr.

THREEDOWN. This brand has been in the fashion industry for 1 year and 5 months now they started officially on October 2011, and they keep on getting stronger and stronger. The brand is still not that famous for they are not mainstream. They are part of the urban world. Their shirt designs are really awesome. Almost all of their designs have meaning or it pays tribute to someone or something. They do not just sell clothes but promise to make your money worth it. They offer products such as premium tees, 5-panel caps, stickers, and posters.

So let me give you a history of the brand:

Threedown really started way back early 2010, owned and founded by Ken Yamaguchi. They started as a  blog updating about street news like BMX, Skateboarding, Long-boarding, and everything under the sun.

By August on the same year, they released their first collection of tees. That time they weren't known yet. The release of their first collection was funded by Lexi Locsin, but unfortunately it didn't last long. By October, the production was stopped due to personal issues.

It was Mid-September when Josef Amarra stepped in the picture and asked them if they wanted to make tees after  he saw the famed DISOBEY design and from then on, till now, Threedown is waiting and hustling and creating premium tees that you can't find anywhere and they did not sell a design mainly for the hype. Without Mr. Josef Amarra, Threedown won't be strong as they are today.

Here is a rundown about their designs:
  1. DISOBEY: Disobey against the hype, against the rules that limit your capability. Reflected on Obey.
  2. TROOPER: We are all clones of our interests, some in arts, some in sports, some in things that are unusal. Either way, despite our differences, WE ARE ALL ONE.
  3. FuckSwag: It is mainly for people who support FAKE swag. Style and Substance is the maine key for swag.
  4. KILLA KILLA: For the inner killer inside, kill all weaknesses, and murder shortcomings.
  5. FuckSnake: It is like a greeting card, you simply air out your emotions through the design. "Dig Deeper Bastards" - KLTRD

Here is a sneak peek of their newest collection.


The people behind THE OPERATION

"Well at the end of the days, it’s about respect and your satisfaction. We hope you guys support us through everything, and we promise to serve you guys by not only selling you cheap tee's but premium products that is worth your money and fit for your lifestyle. Shout out to everyone who supported us since day one....

We know you have your own demons, we have our too, but one piece of advice: F*ck em, F*uck em hard cause ONLY THE STRONGEST SURVIVE. Peace!"
- Ken Yamaguchi, Owner and Founder of Threedown

Check out these links for more information and designs.

I can't wait to get hold on my own Threedown shirt!
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