Graduation is one of the important events that we should celebrate. After all the hard work we and our parents have done, finally it is over. Everything was paid off. By the time we stepped into the stage and receive our diploma, it was the acknowledgement needed by our parents that we did our best in school for them to be proud of us.

So last Saturday, March 23, 2013 was finally my graduation. Technically, I already finished my studies last May 2012 and I waited for a year to have my graduation rights. Last Saturday was my time to experience how it feels walking on stage, receiving my diploma, and feel the moment of being graduate. I really like to thank my parents and family for all their hardwork and support and to all the teachers and friends who helped me through the years! Here's for you guys, Cheers!

with Karla, Lyka, Caycee, and Candi
with my Triathlete friend Joey.
with DJ Wacky

with my 2nd closest friend, Candi Angel.
Too bad I don't have pictures with my classmates and friends from my course. One disadvantage of not graduating with them. Well, what's important is that I am officially done and ready to face the world.

Thank you Klyde for these photos.


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  1. Congratulations Bro!! :))

    Michael Macalos