Việt Nam - Day 2

Day 2

So it is our second day in Vietnam. We haven't rested well for we enjoyed roaming around the city, wandering, and appreciating the beauty of Saigon. On our second day, our itinerary is we are going to visit one of their tourist spots, the CU CHI TUNNEL.

The Củ Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tết Offensive in 1968.

The Cu Chi tunnel tour was really fun, but it was too scary to go inside the tunnel because it really gives you the idea of being trapped if you really don't know which way to go. I wanted to finish the 100-meter long tunnel but it just that I feel suffocated inside.

But before we reached the Cu Chi Tunnel, we had one stop over. We visited the Handicapped Handicrafts  to see how they make some of their souvenir items. After our Cu Chi Tunnel tour we immediately visited the War Museum, which shows the experiences of the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War under the American soldiers. During our trip, the visit to the War Museum was my favorite part because I learned a lot during that visit. It gave me a glimpse of what happened to Vietnam during that time. It was very historical and very educating. It is a must for tourist to visit the war museum.

Here are some photos during our second day in Vietnam.

This is definitely my favorite photo in the museum. I don't know why but I just really love this.
After visiting the war museum, we decided to go home and get refreshed. On our way to our hotel, we come across these street foods outside a school and decided to take it a try and it was really delicious.

After getting refreshed we went back to Behn Tahn Market to have our last minute shopping and took our dinner. After dinner we wander around the city and looked to the restaurant who serves Scorpion and luckily after an hour of walking we reached our destination.

Aside from the Fried Scorpion they also serve fried crickets, and goat penis and testicles. Yes! Sorry for the word but yes they do serve it. haha.

There ends my Day 2 in Ho Chi Minh! And the scorpion really made my trip memorable!

Cám ơn!


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