Not My Typical Sunday

Yesterday was not my typical Sunday. I didn't stayed home and just watch TV or just stay inside my room and sleep. I went out around 3pm to meet with my boss/friend Jacobin. We spent the afternoon just talking about work and different tourist places around Southeast Asia with her college professor Ms. Mae Fenandez. We stayed in Bo's Coffee Shop in SM City Davao Annex. We had Coffee Americano and New York Cheesecake. It was heaven! Really love their cakes!

After a few hours, Maam Mae already left and we got really hungry. So we look for a place to dine.

I have been eyeing this chicken house inside the SM Mall of Davao Annex for I have heard a lot of good feedback from my friends about their food menu. And gladly, Jacob agreed with me to dine at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken.

He ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fajita which was really spicy and I ordered the Everyday Platter D with Garlic Chicken, Fish Fillet, Java Rice, and a cup of corn. It was really delicious and heavy! lol.

Buffalo Chicken Fajita

Everyday Platter D: 1/4 Garlic Chicken, 2pcs. Fish Fillets, Java Rice, and a cup of corn
(Sorry for this picture. It was just f*ckin delish! ahaha)

After dinner, Jacob decided to stay at Krispy Kreme so that he can start working. We ordered Wild Berry and Mango Chillers! Im not really a fan of Mango Shakes but it was delicious! I can't help but buy another one! haha. Before heading home, I ordered a bottle of Arizona Blueberry White Tea drink! 

Yesterday was really a fun day spent! Food trip! I got bankrupt but it was all worth it. The food and the experienced shared was a memory to remember. Can't wait for the next one! :)

P.S. Thanks boss Jacob for the treat! :)


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