Pandas and Wolves

This maybe a very late post but still this is worth sharing to you guys. It was really a nice experience to share a photoshoot experience with my brother. This was his first time to be a model for a shoot. He is always the Man-behind-the-lens and good for him he still able to manage and have fun during the whole shoot.

As soon as we started the shoot, it was really funny and a bit awkward 'coz we don't know how to project to the camera since it's our first time to be together for a shoot. We were talking to ourselves on what to do and end up just laughing during the whole process but soon enough we managed to give some good shots. We decided to wear the same shirt to give the feel of being twins. haha.

Thank you to Haemi Jun and Sofia Aledia for inviting us and for these great photos! This was really a shoot and a experience that I won't forget.

Through these photos you can really identify which is which. You can really see the difference. I am the serious one and he is the happy-go-lucky type of guy. :)

Hope you like this set! :)

The happy-go-lucky and the serious one.

Give me a wacky pose! haha. This is the cutest photo we have in this set.

Photos by: Haemi Jun and Sofia Aledia
Post-processed by: Klyde Jarabelo
April 9, 2012

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