Bulgogi Brothers, A Korean BBQ Restaurant

Davao says "Ahn-Nyung-Ha-Se-Yo" to Bulgogi Brothers

Say hello to the new addition to our restaurant choices, the Bulgogi Brothers! Bulgogi Brothers finally opened its doors to the people of Davao. This is their fifth branch in the Philippines and it is  located at the 2nd Floor, Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier.

The first Bulgogi Brothers restaurant was founded in the district of Gang-nam, South Korea. With over 38 stores in South Korea, to its first international branch in Manila, Bulgogi Brothers has won the hearts and palates of Filipino food enthusiasts. Aside from the good food they offer, the service is also at its best.and the ambiance of the place is really good. Now we don't need to travel far for a taste of authentic Korean dishes!

So let me share with you my super fun authentic dining experience at Bulgogi Borthers!

So my experience begins with complimentary side dishes such as Pickled Vegetables, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, and of course the quintessential Kimchi. A pot of complementary tea is also served hand in hand.




As for our appetizer, they served us a very delicious chicken salad, the Chicken Naengchae,
that consist of fresh vegetable salad in oriental dressing with tender chicken strips on top. And they also served us the Hameul Gungjung Mandu, fried dumpling with seafood served with spicy sauce.

The appetizer was light and very delicious! Can't get enough of them.

Chicken Naengchae

Haemul Gungjung Mandu

Let me now take you to their Main Course!

We ordered Haemul Bibimbap, rice topped with shrimp, squid, & vegetables.
They also have the Kimchi Jjigae, kimchi stew.

It was not my first time to try a Bibimbap. My sisters are Korean Fans so they tried making Bibimbap at home, but Bulgogi Brothers' Bibimpam was superb!

We also ordered the Bulgogi Brothers Special, heart-shaped marinated beef grilled with sweet potatoes and vegetables. The best thing about their barbecue is that it will be cooked and served right at your table, on the spot! The dish is also served with 3 different sauces that will compliment your taste buds.

Bulgogi Brothers Special





Cap the hearty lunch or dinner with a wide range of beverages that includes various Wines, Korean Soju, and Fresh Fruit Juices, among others. Delight in all these dishes in a contemporary Korean ambiance and decor that suggests a family atmosphere and makes everyone feel right at home with every visit.

Most popular liquor in Korea, fresh version

These are the cups used in drinking the Soju and underneath these cups are adjectives
that describe the color that you have chosen

Citrus Mint
Raspberry Tea Mint

Bulgogi Brothers also offers Korean Ice Cream for dessert! They have a lot of choices to choose from and as for me, I chose my all-time favorite, the Melona Ice Cream, the green one in the photo.

Koran Ice Creams

"Bulgogi Brothers has proven that is more than just good food as it is know for in Korea. Guests will enjoy the exceptional, authentic Korean Food, cozy and charming ambiance as well as the special quality of service that is akin to Bistro. Soon, we will open Bulgogi Brothers in Cagayan de Oro in line with our expansion plans. This way, we bring the concept closer to more people who love Korean food."
- Jean Paul Manuud, Bistro Group of Restaurants' Chief Operating Officer

I won't be shocked that Bulgogi Brothers will be a hit in the city for Bulgogi Brothers really mean business. They really make sure that customers receive the utmost satisfaction that restaurants could give.

So here ends my fun little journey with BULGOGI BROTHERS, A Korean BBQ Restaurant! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you Miss Lisa for inviting us! Till next time!
And credits to Lance de Ocampo for the photos.



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  1. have you tried yoogane? a well-known korean restaurant also in South korea? they are located at IL terrazzo Tomas Morato QC