Pistahang Cebuana! A Pasasalamat Concert celebrating the 25 years of Cebuana Lhuiller

After the successful concert held in Manila and Cebu, the fun didn't stop there. Cebuana Lhuiller celebrated their 25th Anniversary up until Davao. The celebration in Davao was the last leg of the Pistahan Cebuana. The concert was held in the University of Mindanao Matina Campus Gymnasium last October 5, 2012, 6:00pm.

A day before the concert, Cebuana Lhuiller conducted a press conference in Kanato Room, The Royal Mandaya Hotel. They invited the media and some of Sarah Geronimo's Popsters. Everyone was very excited to see the Pop Princess.

Sarah arrived in the venue.

During the press conference, the questions are were really interesting. Cebuana Lhuiller shared why they chose Sarah Geronimo to be their endorser. Cebuana Lhullier and the Geronimo's relationship started even way before Sarah become a superstar. Cebuana is their outlet whenever they need money for auditions and performances.


The press conference started with questions for the Cebuana Lhuiller and followed by questions for Sarah. Some questions were personal like Sarah Geronimo's love life and her view in the issue of the cybercrime law. She also shared that she will be having a movie with John Lloyd Cruz for Valentines Day.

The press conference didn't last for too long, and everybody was excited for the concert the next day!

Photos from: Aldwin Capin | WanderfulDavao


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