It's already the start of the "BER" months! The time we've all been waiting for cause its near Christmas! :) A lot of new challenges and happy memories to look forward to.

September 1, 2012. The 1st day of the "BER" months. I started my September with an informative and interesting activity. I went to SM City Davao Annex with Lance de Ocampo to listen to Cheyser Pedregosa and Aidx Paredes' Fashion and Photo Blog talk for Canon PhotoSkwela. We got there around 2:30pm and the talk started at 2pm. Yes we were late! (haha). Canon PhotoSkwela has started in the morning but we only went during Cheyser and Aidx segment.

Cheyser and Aidx's talk was very informative. They gave tips that will really help aspiring bloggers to be good in blogging. I learned a lot during the talk. It gave me more motivation to really be serious in blogging and to have my self my own camera.

Aidx talked about Photo Blogging. Here are some of the things he talked about.

Photo Blogging
1. Your photos should be really attractive to your readers.

2. Create a distinguished look on your photos. Your photos will speak in behalf of your blog.

3. Your photos should be consistent. Change gradually not abruptly.

4. This is your online portfolio. Make sure when you showcase your photos, present it well.

5. Promote your blog.

How to post photos:
1. Re-size your photos to 800x1200

2. Your Photos should be edited. You can edit your photos in Photoshop or Photoscape.

3. Sharpen your photos. Details should be clean and clear.

4. Do not over edit photos.

5. Always prepare a caption or a write-up for your photos. Your photos cannot entirely speak for itself. This will make readers to understand what you want them to understand.

Things to achieve in Photo Blogging


For Style and Fashion Blog
Use prime lens. 35mm and 50mm and photos should be taken from the bottom perspective to make your subject look taller.

Here is the video

After Aidx's Photo Blogging talk, Cheyser talked about styling. She shared her tips on creating a trademark of yourself in styling. She shared where she get her inspirations in styling.

In styling yourselves, you should have confidence in what you wear. You should also take in mind that you should always feel comfortable on what you are wearing. Do not overdress and you should learn what things looks good on your and compliments your personality.

These are a few of the things of Cheyser and Aidx talked about. Hope you like it! :)

With Lance, Aidx, and Cheyser


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