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Photographer: Adrian Gonzales

It's been a long time since i wrote something for someone. I've been busy with school lately so there's not time for me to update my blog! So today, having a free time, i want to wrote this blog entry about someone who inspired me. 
This person has made impact into my life. He's one of the people I admire the most. His works are very spectacular, amazing, and it's the real deal.

The person I am referring to is Adrian Gonzales. He graduated Film Making at U.P. Diliman. Adrian is renowned photographer and currently the Editor-in-chief Zone Magazine (online magazine).

I came to know Adrian in tumblr. I saw some of his posts and I was impressed on his works, so i decided to follow him. I added him on facebook and try communicating to him from time to time.

Adrian, despite his being famous, he is still very down-to-earth. He is very humble about his achievements. (some of his photos are publish or can be seen in Vogue Italia. He had an exhibit in Milan [Vogue Italia October 2011 issue, p. 268, Feature Article on the PhotoVogue Exhibit held in Palazzo Morando, Milan], and had online features).

Ever since I saw Adrian's works, I said to myself, "I should work with him! I can learn and be better with him!" Adrian's works are the real deal.

There was a time that he was one the reasons why I wanted to go to Manila. I'm so excited to meet him and work with him but he was so busy with his thesis. I was so jealous with my friend Aidx Paredes because he was able to see Adrian and went to Adrian's house and had a small shoot.

Anyhow, let's talk about his work of art. If you see some of his photo sets, you will really be amazed on how good he is. Every photo he takes really say a thousand words and it seems like telling you a story. The way he edits the photos add more drama to the picture which is really awesome!


Adrian has more shoots with men than women. That's why now he is looking for female models! So for those who are reading this and interested to work with him, this is your chance! haha. Adrian is very good in his layouts with his photo sets and he is really good in his album titles. (Something i envy to photographers! haha)

There's nothing more i can say about him. All i know is that i'm very pleased to be his friend, and that he is a real inspiration to me!

"You never talked to me as if I were just a mere fan, but you really talked to me as a friend."
Adrian Gonzales | inspired by: Karl Jarabelo


- Supreme Wanderer -

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