So i'm writing my first ever blog to David John Guison.

David Guison is my all-time favorite blogger. He is a Multimedia Arts student of the College of St. Benilde in Manila. He was born on January 03, 1991. David is a creative blogger and a really talented photographer. I rarely see guys who can dress up really well without trying too hard and he's one of them. He has an awesome taste in fashion. He can wear a plain shirt and still look really good! David is also a stylist, and one of his works was when he styled the leading man on Krissy and Ericka's newest video 12:51. He is also a writer. I also heard that he dance and he is part of the C1G dance crew of La Salle. ;)

David is the only male ambassador of Forever 21 Philippines, and the ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear. He has also become Canon Digital Ixus endorser. As one of the top bloggers in the Philippines, David also gets sponsors from brands such as Topman Philippines, SM Accessories, and Facial Care Center.

David has been published on some magazine like Garage Magazine, and newspaper such as Philippine Star Newspaper. David, being a well-known blogger, many brands collaborates with him and sponsors items that will be given as giveaways to his readers. Some of these brands are Flying Dutchman, Hang Ten, and MEMO. He has also been able to walk the runway during the COKE x BENCH Fashion Show along with a fellow female blogger. David, also do reviews on his blog. Reviews about the latest technology or gadget he has and the restaurants he has been to.

I first saw David Guison on tumblr and been following him or his looks on lookbook. Ever since I saw him, I told my self that i want to be like him! I must groom my self like him and style my hair like his! haha.

I started having conversations with him through Twitter. I joined one of his contest where he is giving away 5 Letterman jackets.

David Guison is one of my inspirations in life. He inspired me in the field of fashion an grooming my self. Though it doesn't show, but because of him I want to change my style and be just like him!

I always visit his tumblr blog page to see what's new with him, what's he been up to, and what's are his new outfit posts.

I really see David as an idol. He inspired not only me but many aspiring bloggers, and fashionistas/fashionistos. Despite the attention given to David by his fans and followers, he still consider himself as ordinary. He is so humble and down-to-earth. He doesn't think that he is that well-known in our generation today. He acts as a normal kid; a normal student.

I can still remember the first time I saw him personally at Greenbelt 3. I was with my best friend and her boyfriend, Kelvin. We went there to watch a movie with other friends. While waiting for the rest, we decided to take a little walk. As we were about to reach the exit, I saw this guy from a far that looks familiar. As we walked past him, I looked back and checked again who the guy is, and found out it was David busy with his phone. I was starstruck! I froze and got butterflies in my stomach. The feeling almost stopped me on approaching him and have a picture with him. But I said to myself that it's a once in a lifetime experience that I may never see him again in person, so I composed my self up and find courage to approach him.

As I was calling out his name, he look unto my direction and he looked at me and smile. I walked fast towards him and asked if it's okay to have a picture with him an he obliged. After our picture was taken, I introduced my self to him. He replied, "Karl Jarabelo? yung from Davao?" and I was shocked that he knows me! He has a lot of followers that was trying to get his attention but he remembers who I am. I was really overwhelmed about it. He said to me that finally he saw me and it was nice seeing me in that random moment. I felt very happy about it.

I didn't know that my best friend's boyfriend is David's friend. They had a little chit-chat and those stuff. While they were talking, I can't get my eyes off of David. I still can't believe that I finally saw him and had a chance to talk to him. After how minutes, we need to go up to the cinema because are friends are already waiting so we bid our goodbyes and tell each other that we continue our conversation on twitter.

Since that day, i'm still having a hangover with the experience. I'm still hoping to see him again in Manila or here in Davao and be real good friends with him.

5 Facts about David Guison:

I love listening to depressing songs.
I’m addicted to milk tea. 

I have a dog named Maximillian Montgomery.

I dream of becoming an animator for Pixar someday.
I’m an awkward turtle.

Maximillian Montgomery

Featuring Robbie Becroft and James Reid

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  1. David is the most random person I met in Tumblr and Twitter. Love the way he pulls off his outfits. :D

    1. Same here! I really love how he dress up himself! He's really an inspiration to me man! haha

  2. Wow! you're so lucky to meet him! makita ko rin balang araw si professional heckler.. hehe! :D