It's nice to meet you again, DG!

Last Saturday, October 6, 2012, AMARC and The 4th Year Marketing students of Ateneo de Davao University conducted a symposium featuring one of the well-known male Fashion Bloggers in the country, David Guison. The symposium talks about Online Marketing and Self Branding and I personally believe that David Guison fits for this kind of talk for he has established his identity through the internet.

The title of his presentation is Everything You Need To Know About Blogging: Styling, Photography, Business, Marketing. He has showed some of his works and discussed about what are his inspirations in his posts. Being a new in the blogging world, I learned a lot from him. David Guison is my inspiration why I started blogging. (You can check more of him HERE.)

In the symposium, he shared all the knowledge he knows about blogging and how this can help you in online Marketing and Self Branding.

In relation to Online Marketing, choosing Bloggers to promote products or services is a great advantage for the brand. You already know that these bloggers has readers/followers. You already know the segment of his or her market.

David, as an established blogger, he has used his passion for fashion and photography to attain what he has arrived now. He is not afraid to express his feelings and inspirations through the art of fashion and photography. Posting outfit shots and random photos in his blog captured a wide scope of readers and followers.

Through his expression and passion, a lot of brands collaborated with him and through his blog, he got his big break to be the Male Ambassador of Forever 21 Philippines. Isn't it awesome? Even if David has reach his dreams, he remains humble about it.

For 3 years as a blogger, he has achieved a lot and become ambassadors of many brands. He has also traveled around the country to share his knowledge about blogging and photography. As a blogger, he also created business with it. He earns money through his collaborations and his talks. He is like a celebrity now! He has a Handler that manages all the jobs related with money.

In line with Self Branding on the other hand, if you ask people who David Guison is, you will really hear answers like, "He is the Boots guy that has a very cool hair!". Personally, I brand David that way. He was the first man I saw wearing boots in every outfit he posts and he really have a cool hair! Check his looks here.

Self Branding is how you project yourself to people. You yourself can be a brand! It is the way you presented yourself to the people or how people recognized you. Some of the people he mentioned during his talk that are brands them selves are Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Tim Yap, Liz Uy, Kimpoy Feliciano and Jamich. They have matched their own self-concept to the image of the brand. When you hear the names Tim Yap and Liz Uy, you'll know that they are socialites. Tim Yap is a well-know partyphile and Liz Uy is a celebrity fashion stylist.

During the symposium, David conducted a styling challenge and luckily we won the challenge. In my group, the stylist was Janvie Tiu and my co-model was Stephanie Chu. We won gift cards worth 500php from SM Accessories. Now I can shopping for more accessories! yipeee! I'm really happy I went to the symposium. It was really worth it and it was fun! It was nice seeing my idol/inspiration again for the second time! Kudos to the 4th year Marketing Students and AMARC for a successful symposium!

Some of David's accessories used during the challenge.

The 500php worth gift card from SM Accessories

with David Guison

Photos by: Klyde Jarabelo


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